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NAIFA-Greater Washington DC and our Foundation, The Helping Hands Society of Greater Washington, give out two main annual awards.

Legacy Award

The Legacy Award was created in 2009 to combine the traditions and prestige of the 63-year Bernard L. Wilner and the 41-year Harry L. Meyers-Victor E. Brandrup awards to recognize an individual, in a single annual presentation, for outstanding service and dedication to the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors-Greater Washington over an extended period of time, and in conformance with the highest standards of professional conduct and unselfish community service. The individual is further commended for adherence to the principles of trusteeship and stewardship on behalf of the insurance and financial services industry. The Legacy Award will continue to honor the memories and achievements of the leaders whose names appear on the predecessor awards. LEARN MORE

Wilner Award Winners

Meyers-Bandrup Award Winners

Legacy Award Winners